Professional Development Courses at Clackamas Community College

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Whether you want to connect with other professionals in our community for networking opportunities or learn from industry experts, you'll benefit from enrolling in any of the online courses offered here. There are courses available covering many aspects of business, from customer service to leadership and management.


The following instructor-led courses are available at this time.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service is integral to supporting the reputation of a brand and its expressed values. In this Customer Service course, professionals will learn how to improve communication with customers and retain them. In the process, students will gain more confidence and learn how to resolve customer-related issues and keep customers satisfied effectively. This course is coming soon.

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Emerging Leaders

Students enrolled in the Emerging Leaders course will gain the skills they need to develop into effective leaders. Geared for individuals who are new to a leadership role, this course offers support to help prepare budding leaders for more advanced training. Throughout the course, students will learn about interacting with different people, adjusting to their new role, establishing and maintaining effective communication, and other topics to develop leadership skills. The course begins on March 29th.


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Essential Principles of Finance

Managers and supervisors will learn many of the fundamentals of finance with our Essential Principles of Finance course. Participants learn about the language of finance to gain an understanding of income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. They also learn how to apply what they've learned for more effective budgeting, accurate projections, and informed decision-making. This course is coming soon.

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Project Management Fundamentals

Project managers (and anyone tasked with implementing projects) will learn how to effectively use project management tools for any initiative in our Project Management Fundamentals course. Participants will learn how to improve efficiency and stay within their available schedule & budget. They will also gain skills such as risk monitoring, project tracking, communications planning, and more. This course is coming soon.

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Managing Performance

Professionals in management positions will learn how to manage a team using a three-phase model through the Managing Performance course. Led by an expert facilitator, this course covers practical motivational tools and techniques, management skills, and coaching methods to motivate employees. This course is coming soon.

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Conflict and Difficult Workplace Behaviors

Throughout the Conflict and Difficult Workplace Behaviors course, students learn about the various signs of conflicts, along with the actions they will need to take to resolve these conflicts. Participants will learn about conflict resolution techniques and apply communication skills to handle tension in the workplace. This course is coming soon..

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Frontline Automation Machine Operator

Employees who are new to automation operation will benefit from the lessons taught in our Frontline Automation Machine Operator course. This training is scoped for the front line operator for immersion into machine automation (product processing, gantries & robotics), focusing on safety, routine maintenance, quality, productivity and personal development. This training is pertinent in food processing, metals manufacturing, injection molding, packaging, warehouse/logistics and material handling roles. Topics covered in this course include print reading, shop math, PLCs, basic computer skills, robotics operations, and quality control. Students will also be able to practice what they've learned with basic machine troubleshooting and other applications .This course is coming soon.

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Basic Print Reading

Print reading skills are essential for developing quality and efficient manufacturing environments. This Basic Print Reading course will teach participants how to visualize three-dimensional parts based on two-dimensional drawings. Students will also learn the various line styles and symbols to interpret the characteristics of a part correctly. The course introduces fundamentals such as tolerancing and dimension practices, revision systems, drawing notes, and basic parts lists/assembly information. This course is coming soon.

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Each of these courses can help professionals learn what they need to advance in their careers and perform at their best, whether just starting a new career or further developing existing skills. To make sure you and your teams remain aware of these courses, bookmark this page for the future and share it with colleagues. Whenever you participate in training at CCC, you'll support your local college and community while developing your teams.