Accelerate Your Business with Customized Training

Accelerate your Business with Custom TrainingCustomized training is the most direct path toward empowering your employees and achieving your organization’s objectives. Mass-produced training models simply cover the basics, while customized training programs tailor learning opportunities to the unique needs of your business. 

Developing a customized training program requires collaboration between your organization’s leaders and highly-qualified instructors. Once you establish concrete workforce development goals, instructors create a best-in-class curriculum that implements new skills, and sets your employees on a path to exceed expectations. 

High-level business leaders identify performance gaps and define the specific training their organizations need to ensure their employees are equipped to achieve their organizations' goals and meet customer demands. You can gain a competitive advantage by providing custom training specifically designed to up-skill or cross train your employees.

How Does Customized Training Benefit Your Business?

The ROI of Addressing Challenges with Tailored Solutions

When you begin researching customized training, it’s likely you’ll think about what it’s going to cost. Remember, customized training serves as an investment. Pricing is tied directly to your desired outcomes and the amount of customization you require. To determine the solution that is the best fit for your organization, you’ll meet with a business training advisor who will help you maximize your training investment. They’ll help you prioritize your learning strategy and develop a plan that supports your training goals with courses designed to affordably close skills gaps. 

Imagine that you've experienced major turnover in a manufacturing plant, and you need to retain customer contracts. Without a skilled workforce to complete the orders, you stand to lose credibility and, ultimately, the contracts. A customized training program that helps new hires quickly develop skills specific to your industry protects revenue and delivers enormous ROI. If the value of that customer order is $100K, and the training costs $10K, you’ve received 10x return on your investment, while maintaining your revenue, relationship, and reputation. 

In today’s hyper-competitive economy, decision makers must continuously provide opportunities for skill-building and advancement to keep employees engaged and productive. Your employees are more likely to stay in their job when they're well-trained and equipped to do their jobs confidently, which in turn can enrich your customer relationships, enhance your company reputation, and lead to increased revenue and business success.

What Does Customized Training Program Development Look Like?

EmployeeTrainingTo get started with customized training, your company will collaborate with a business advisor to identify your employees’ top training needs. Even with diverse needs, Clackamas Community College (CCC) will help you optimize your budget and time, while also advancing the skills and engagement of your workforce. 

Whether you have a team that needs project management skills, individuals who would benefit from leadership training, or a group that requires soft-skills, a training advisor can support you in creating the perfect plan. Together you'll create solutions that are timely, affordable, and relevant to your business needs.

Why Work with CCC Customized Training?

The business advisor at CCC will identify instructors who can best deliver the training outcomes your company needs. While decision makers in your organization are involved in the selection and prioritization of desired business outcomes, we handle the logistics while keeping you in the loop. Our process puts you in control of shaping the vision without having to spend time on the details of training development. 

Customized training generates major breakthroughs in both specific industry concerns as well as bigger-picture corporate functionality. Get started on your training program today. Contact Clackamas Community College to discuss how we can help you bridge skills gaps and reach your business goals.

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