4 Reasons Why Customized Workplace Training Programs Are Important for Your Business

Image- smiling coworkers, why customized training is right for your business2020 has been a tumultuous year. COVID-19, wildfires, and a fiery political environment have disrupted “business as usual” in our community. Our local leaders are stretched as they creatively respond to the impact these environmental changes have on their businesses, and work to keep employees engaged and focused on achieving important goals.

If you are a leader adapting to significant change—be it growth or loss, customized training can support you and your team to more quickly align to a “new normal” that meets your business, customer, and employee needs.

Training that is specifically tailored to your organization’s desired outcomes can improve employee morale, deepen commitment, and increase productivity. Following are four ways customized workplace training programs can help you. 

Instill Employee Competence and Confidence

Are you aware an estimated 33% of the U.S. workforce feel they don’t have the skills to do their current job? And, they hesitate to ask supervisors or colleagues for help. Their fear of being “let go” for lack of competence impacts their confidence, and their ability to effectively perform and engage.

Focused training for skillset development and positive progression can lead to better job satisfaction and more productive employees. This leads to increase retention and improvement to the bottom line. Without training opportunities, 36% of workers stated they would quit their job if there wasn’t this opportunity.

Promote Growth Within the Workplace 

What are you doing to empower your employee’s growth in ways that support their strengths? Workers who develop and use their strengths are significantly more engaged (~6x), more productive, and 15% less likely to look for work elsewhere. For many employees, the opportunity to grow professionally is the second most important benefit after salary.

Customized training can help you provide the focused technical and soft skills that will advance your employees’ growth, inspire innovation, and improve productivity. Whether you want to upskill a team, develop new aptitudes across an organization, or promote key individuals into leadership roles, seek solutions designed specifically to meet your needs.

Expand Skill Sets with Cross-Training 

Are you in a situation where high-value employees are preparing to retire with no pipeline of qualified replacements? Have you made significant changes in scope or process? Expanding skill sets through cross-departmental training will benefit your business. While once reserved for grooming future managers, cross-training can prepare your company to deal with unforeseen challenges, be it a star employee leaving, a sudden death, or a pandemic.

Customized training can help you provide advancement opportunities for select employees, strengthen teams, and create redundancies in preparation for unexpectedly changes. Cross-training can also improve stability and flexibility in your organization by ensuring key roles can be quickly filled.

Meet Your Business Objectives

As a decision maker, you have thousands of options for professional development. Pre-recorded webinars, YouTube videos, and other online learning formats are valuable training resources, yet they fail to address the specific needs and circumstances present in your business. Customized training can be delivered online, on-site, or on campus, with hundreds of courses that can be designed to aligned with your company’s specific objectives and employee needs.

Contact a Clackamas Community College customized training advisor today for a free assessment. Our team will work with you to develop training that, not only meets your needs, but also respects the culture of your business.

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