Online Learning Opportunities Can Increase Confidence and Productivity

online learning for business leadersEmployers who invest in training and skill-building among their staff see an overall boost in employee performance and productivity. Learning is a great way to improve overall retention, and 94% of employees are willing to stay with a company that invests in training and development opportunities.

If you're aiming to improve your workforce, then online learning can be the key. 

Focused and Affordable Training

Online learning opportunities allow you to implement training that's both focused and cost-effective, benefiting many employees throughout your organization, such as:   

HR Managers

HR Managers can avoid potential litigation by maintaining compliance with the latest legal requirements, including: 

Customer Service Employees

People in customer service departments can quickly improve customer relations with several courses, including:

New Business Leaders

If you want to transition from being a peer to a supervisor with plenty of knowledge and expertise, consider taking courses such as:

Individual Excellence

If you want to develop your professional skills and be a valued contributor in your workplace, you can also take courses on:

  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Written Communication
  • Financial Skills

Benefits of Online Learning for Your Business

Employees want to feel as though employers and colleagues value them. Unfortunately, around 74% of employees don't believe that they're reaching their full potential. Online learning engages employees and makes them feel like they're appreciated, with an emphasis on development that helps them realize their potential.

Encourages Employees to Engage and Take Pride in Their Work

According to Gallup, only around 13% of employees working for an organization are engaged. If you want to increase engagement and give employees a sense of pride for doing good work, online learning opportunities can show them they are valued.

Motivates Employees

Your employees will be far more motivated to contribute to the workplace and their teams after engaging in online development courses. As they begin to develop their skills, they'll be eager to apply what they've learned and put their skills to the test.

Gives Employees Plenty of Opportunities to Develop

Employees also benefit from access to opportunities for achievement, recognition, responsibility, advancement, and growth in their careers. Ultimately, online learning can give your employees a sense of fulfillment that they may otherwise lack.

Provides Enhanced Sense of Job Satisfaction

Employees who feel valued and knowledgeable will ultimately feel a higher level of job satisfaction. They'll have more confidence in what they do, which can boost performance and productivity while leaving them consistently happier with their work results.

Employees Feel Supported by Employers

Employees are also more likely to feel supported by their employers if offered growth and development opportunities. Employers who implement online learning for employees will show their staff that they care about their development and growth.

Creates a Better Company Culture

A company that values skill development and growth among employees with online learning will generally improve the overall company culture. Employees will feel like they're a part of a cohesive organization that genuinely wants them to succeed as they're driven to enhance their skills and learn together as a team.

Reap the Rewards of Online Learning for Your Employees

Investing in professional development can be the key to engaging employees, keeping them satisfied, and improving company culture in the long term. Subsequently, you'll be able to benefit from a more productive and enthusiastic workforce. To learn more about how the many courses at Clackamas Community College can help your employees develop and flourish, check out our selection of online courses and enroll with us today!


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